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                Guangzhou Qiaotai Lighting Equipment Co., LTD.
                Contacted Person: Amy Lee
                Mob/WhatsApp: +86 139 2418 5548
                Skype: cao.gery
                Addr.:Yinbian industrial zone,Jiahe,Baiyun,Guangzhou

                DETAIL INFO
                200W Moving Head beam light
                Detail Info HOME > PRODUCTS > Moving Head Beam Light Series

                200W beam light has the advantages of small volume, light weight (16KG only).

                High brightness. 200W Moving Head Beam Light is 10 times brighter than the 300W moving head beam light. And even brighter than the 700W beam light.
                run very fast.

                stroboscopic speed, dream eight prism effects.

                Name: Moving head beam 200,200w moving head light

                *Control channel: 16 DMX 512 channels

                *Voltage: AC110~240V, 50~60 Hz

                *Lamp: YODN MSD 200R5­-C

                *Pan scan: 540°

                *Tilt scan: 270°

                *Color wheel: 7 plugged colors plus white

                *Gobo wheel: 7 plugged gobos plus white, with gobo rotation

                effect (two gobo wheels with 18 plugged gobos plus white is

                available, but without gobo rotation effect)

                *Power supply: using power supply, the light becomes lighter,

                brighter and the lamp also becomes more stable

                *Rotation: Pan / Tilt rotates in silent mode

                *Display: using beautiful blue and white lcd display

                *Strobe: strobe frequency can be 13 times / second

                *Color temperature: 68000K with distance of 15 meters

                *Focus: electronic liner focus at 9°-36°

                *Dimmer: 0%~100% liner focus

                *Best distance to illuminate: 10-200 meters

                *Superheat protection

                *PFC power factor compensation

                *Automatic Pan and Tilt repositioning system if accidentally

                knocked out of place and with correct positioning function

                *Up to IP20 degree of protection

                *International stand DMX512, auto, sound control, master / slave


                *Net weight: 14 kg

                *Gross weight: 15 kg


                DMX Channels:

                CH 1: Dimmer

                CH 2: Strobe

                CH 3: Color Wheel

                CH 4: Mixing Colors

                CH 5: Pan

                CH 6: Tilt

                CH 7: Three Prism

                CH 8: Prism Rotation

                CH 9: Gobo Wheel

                CH10: Gobo Rotation

                CH11: Gobo Shaking

                CH12: Focus

                CH13: Pan Fine

                CH14: Tilt Fine

                CH15: Pan / Tilt Speed

                CH16: Reset

                Tel:86-020-28926438   Fax:86-020-36266206   Addr.:Yinbian industrial zone,Jiahe,Baiyun,Guangzhou
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