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                Guangzhou Qiaotai Lighting Equipment Co., LTD.
                Contacted Person: Amy Lee
                Mob/WhatsApp: +86 139 2418 5548
                Skype: cao.gery
                Addr.:Yinbian industrial zone,Jiahe,Baiyun,Guangzhou

                DETAIL INFO
                LED double laser light
                Detail Info HOME > PRODUCTS > LED Effect Light Series

                Technical parameters:

                Type: QT- 008

                - equipped with 2 * 10 w three color high power LED and special design of the mechanical device, the luminous

                LED out a lot of strong like a laser beam of the same, with amazing covers the whole effect


                Fox DMX channel: 3-6 channel - adjustable light/stroboscopic, color, tubular rotational 1 channel - chase

                - three operation modes: DMX512, main/auxiliary engine and acoustic control

                Had excellent built-in program in the main/auxiliary engine operation by acoustic control drive

                - a full range of adjustable light and can change the stroboscopic effect

                - with a simple controller (CA - 8) (choose) control, can get instant light show

                Fox LED display convenient navigation

                - perfect for disco, clubs, bars, parties and field

                - voltage: AC100 ~ 240 v, 50/60 hz

                - power consumption: 20 w

                Fox LED: 2 * 10 w 3 color LED, lamp life rating for 30000 hours

                - size: 302 x 236 x 212 mm

                - weight: 4.0 kg

                Tel:86-020-28926438   Fax:86-020-36266206   Addr.:Yinbian industrial zone,Jiahe,Baiyun,Guangzhou
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